Naros Italian Cuisine

Naros fulfils Naia’s promise of blissful indulgence at a sensory level, as foodies of every persuasion will be seduced by the aromas and flavours served up by executive chef Panagiotis Tsoukatos.

Passionate about expressing the variety of Italian cuisine and preserving pure flavours, his style is a fusion of traditional Mediterranean and international trends.

A flash of molecular technique that adds sparkle and novelty to this fine gastronomic experience. Keeping season with Italy in terms of fresh truffles, artichokes and other sophisticated ingredients, Naros also sustains the simple pleasures of home-made pasta and irresistible pizzette, or a classic tagliata dusted with coarsely crushed tellicherry peppercorns and fresh herbs.

But Naros is also a feast for the senses in terms of its cool sophistication and spectacular views. Connected to the deck and the pool bar, it has a lively, airy ambiance and is adorned with exclusive Italian design touches that include a field of yellow chairs by Moroso, as well as a regiment of brass fittings by design luminaries Giopato & Coombes that cast a gently glow over your superb dining experience.

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